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Seascape Oil Painting
Floral Still Life Oil Painting

Singapore Oil Painting Class and Online Demo

I started with my original value plan. At this stage I only looked at colors and values. Planning in this manner will stop me from moving into unnecessary details.

Singapore Oil Painting Class and Online Demo by Ng Woon Lam NWS

I started putting in some details and determined the darkest and the brightest regions. Generally, I kept my color plan consistent. It is easier to control one unified color then using many colors in one picture. One dominant color is a good concept to start with. I start to understand the power of value difference. And I understand better the actual values of each color I use.

Singapore Oil Painting Class and Online Demo by Ng Woon Lam NWS

After all the conceptual ideas were experimented, I started focusing on the details. I painted the cyclist to lead the viewers' eyes into the painting. Figures and pigeons are balancing the huge buildings and creating interesting story. They reflected the activities, the weather, the atmosphere and many other stories you can think of. Viewers will enjoyed the process of thinking. This forms the inner beauty of a piece of Landscape painting.

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