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Name : Ng Woon Lam
Address : BLK 824, Jurong West ST-81, #08-450, Singapore 640824

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Art Class Oil Painting Video Demonstrations

Seascape Oil Painting Class Demonstration
Floral Still Life Oil Painting Class

New York Oil Painting Class and Online Demo

I looked for simple color and value relationship during this early stage. I always remember the characters of each subject matters so that I can paint them more easily with correct starting stage. E.g. here -- Look at the different types of strokes used for rigid building and flowing water.

Singapore Oil Painting Class and Online Demo by Ng Woon Lam NWS

With proper color and value plan during the early stage, I could progessively have more detailed color and value change in smaller shapes. I started to define some edges

Chicago Oil Painting Class and Online Demo by Ng Woon Lam NWS

I then slowing search for minor contrast in colors and values. Further defined the edges through enhancement of contrast. I softened some places too. The completed image looks detailed. However, it was not rendered a lot. The characters of subject matters come from understanding of the subject matters (eg. water - soft, figures -- moving / standing, buildings -- rigid...). We learn to imply with our strokes and emphasize them with courage -- through colors, tonal contrast, textures.....

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