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I sketched the outline of the subjects and lay in the 1st layer of colors. I selected the dominant color (raw umber in this picture) and the direction of primary light source. The first layer was done with some color variation during the wash. This created more interesting color effect.


I painted the figure (center of interest) and colors around it. I normally use color contrast (hue and temperature) and value contrast to bring out the center of interest; in this picture --- red against blue (warm against cold) and bright against dark. I also placed in the foreground color. The foreground carried some raw umber to create some tension with the local color of the building. Therefore the foreground was unified into the composition.

I painted all the figures and added the birds to create composition balance, direction and depth of space in the composition.

I added in the details and calligraphic stroke marks to create the interest of transparent watercolor effect. Meantime I placed the darkest color to contrast the center of interest.

Details of figures - step 1
Details of figures - step 2
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